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About the project

The project aim is bringing together the main stakeholders within the textile sector to promote and contribute to the transferring research and innovation knowledge to students & trainees of the textile/clothing Sector via project based learning, contributing to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of EU textile small and medium enterprises.


Intelectual outputs

Training program and e-learning content for transferring research and innovation

Online platform for transferring research and innovation through project based training

Book of lectures “Innovative and Creative thinking in the Textile & Clothing manufacturing sector”

Project handbook of good practices & open challenges: training tools and methodologies to foster creativity and innovation within the textile and clothing manufacturing sector

Support activities

TEXSTRA will carry out support activities to achieve these outputs:

  • Need analysis and state of the art report: transferring research and innovation in the textile & clothing manufacturing sector
  • Virtual internship/training programs - Virtual Project Competition


Multiplier Events

TEXSTRA will organize 6 multiplier events with main stakeholders in the textile sector: to present and analyze the project and its results in Lithuania, Italy,  Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania and Greece.


Training Activities

TEXSTRA will perform training activities to achieve the following objectives:

  • To favour the application of creative and innovative thinking among university textile students.
  • To foster the collaboration among HEIs and companies in the field of training and education.
  • To foster textile&clothing manufacturing university students capacities to operate at transnational level.
  • To transfer research, innovation knowledge to students of the textile&clothing manufacturing sector through blended learning and flipped-classrooms.




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