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The last meeting of TEXSTRATextile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education project was held on 21st and 22nd January, in Guimaraes (Portugal). It was organized by University of Minho.


The main goal of the meeting was to review the progress made since the project start on September 2017 and to plan the finalization of ongoing tasks as the project arrives to the end in February 2020 when all outcomes will become public in the project website.

The meeting started with the welcome from the Textile Department. It continued with the update on the administrative aspects of the project by INCDTP, the project coordinator.


Then, AEI TÈXTILS, as dissemination leader, briefly discussed the progress on the dissemination and communication activities of the project, including the main highlights in terms of performance of the project website and social media.

Next, each intellectual output leader presented the summary and status. Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) presented the final version of the TEXSTRA project e-book. The e-book focuses on the technical needs for undergraduate students identified through a needs’ analysis conducted previously, namely: advanced textile materials, advanced manufacturing methods, circular economy and sustainability and e-commerce.


The University of West Attica presented the operational version of the online platform that is being used for the development of virtual internships and CIAPE presented the status of the enrollment of challenges and students into the platform.


Material Connexion Italia presented a latest draft of the Book of Lectures the team developed for the summer training courses that was held in Guimarães, Portugal, last July. In the next month and after editorial review it will be published in the project website.


Afterwards, CRE.THI.DEV presented the ongoing drafting of the handbook of Good practices and Open Challenges, that will be published during February 2020 and the quality progress report of the project and the recommendations for reviewing the deliverables.

University of Minho presented the outcomes of the summer training course held on July. The different universities and research institutions participated as trainers using the materials developed during the project.


On the second day of the meeting, the consortium review the activities in the multiplier events, workshops organized to present the project results with target groups. The TEXSTRA partnership has organized a total of 5 multiplier events in Portugal, Italy, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Romania. In February 2020, another one will be organized in Greece.


The objective of these actions is to promote and transfer research and innovation using e-learning tools for students and professionals by project-based learning, contributing to an efficiency and competitiveness boost among small and medium textile companies in Europe.

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