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TEXSTRA team is pleased to announce the 4th newsletter. The goals of those communications are to present the project outcomes and progress, latest news on ongoing activities and major dissemination and communication events.

In this issue, the main feature is the call for participants in the virtual internship programs from TEXSTRA that will be held in the online platform for transferring innovation. Also in this issue you can read more about the second multiplier event of TEXSTRA project in paralellel to iTechStyle in Porto early in April 2019.

You can download the 4th newsletter on the output section.

TEXSTRA is a Strategic Partnership for Higher Education, co-funded by the European Commission, under the Erasmus+ programme.

The main goals of TEXSTRA are to promote research and innovation using e-learning tools for students and professionals, to promote the application of good practices for improvement and to generate knowledge, skills and competences using virtual environments. The project will develop a state of the art review, an online training program, a platform for virtual traineeship and competitions, a book of lectures for a summer training course and a project handbook of good practices. The TEXSTRA members will also organize several seminars and workshops across Europe to maximize the dissemination of the project results and to promote the values of the project.

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