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Last multiplier event held in Greece

Last multiplier event held in Greece

The Multiplier event in Greece (E7) took place on 27th January in the event hall “Open Space” in Metropolitan Expo during the Athens Fashion Trade Show.

The event has been organised in the form of a dissemination event and of a workshop/brainstorming session. During the event, the projects’ aims & objectives, results and activities as well as the EU contribution and support has been presented and analysed towards the participants.

Totally 43 people took part in the event. It has been a valuable moment of dialogue and confrontation of different opinions, experiences and positions.

With great success CreThiDev has organised the multiplier event of the project in Greece. Every participant received relevant material from the project and get support from the responsible partners in using the project products as well as to promote the project.

According to the evaluation results all seemed to be very satisfied about the general organisation, the facilities, the speakers as well as the information and the material that was presented and distributed.

The feedback received by the participants was very positive, as they considered the TEXSTRA project very valuable and interesting. Furthermore it is of great importance that all stated that they had gained knowledge.

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