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The TEXSTRA team is pleased to announce the publication of Textile Strategy for Innovative Higher Education e-book, which contains four main blocks of resources: advanced textile materials, advanced manufacturing methods, circular economy and sustainability, and e-commerce.  Translations are in process and will be available shortly.

You can download the e-book here.

The e-book contents:

CHAPTER 1. Advanced textile materials 
1.1. High Performance Fibres
1.2. Overview on the technical applications of textile materials
1.3. General trends of innovation in the technical textiles’ sector
1.4. Innovative textile materials: a selection of contemporary material solutions to offer a new perception of the textile product
1.5. Textile Structures with 3D Architecture
1.6. Orthopaedic knitted materials
1.7. Textile reinforced composites
1.8. e-Textile materials

CHAPTER 2. Advanced manufacturing methods 
2.1. Electrospinning
2.2. Textile functionalization by plasma technology
2.3. E-Textile manufacturing
2.4. Advanced Knitting Technologies
2.5. Plasma Treatments
2.6. Plasma technology: PVD methods in textile manufacturing

CHAPTER 3. Circular economy and sustainability
3.1. Circular materials for the Textiles & Clothing sector – An introduction to new materials for a circular fashion
3.2. Bio-based synthetics
3.3. The value chain: sustainability issues from textile fibers production to the usage of final products
3.4. CSR for fashion companies: definitions, reasoning and best practices
3.5. CSR and ethical production and consumption
3.6. Environmental management systems and the impact of textile processes on the environment
3.7. Textile waste recovering: Strategies and sorting technologies to close the loop in the Textile & Clothing sector
3.8. Substitution of hazardous chemicals

CHAPTER 4. E-commerce 
4.1. Online (fashion) logistics
4.2. Web Marketing
4.3 Branding
4.4 Web analytics for online fashion
4.5. Best practices for the digital marketing ecosystem in fashion
4.6 E-CRM
4.7 E- Retail

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